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     Our VISION is to become one of the most referent special companies at the market.
          Our MISSION is to supply the best service and
          quality of our products, which will ensure confidence
          of our business partners.
About us


Enterprise for production, projecting and engineering of energetic installations and equipment, Inflex s.l.r.  was established in 1991 in Belgrade.

A great number of the works performed and the devices delivered speak a lot about both quality and competence of the Inflex employees.

Taking into account technical potential and competence, nowadays it is possible to meet even the most complicated requirements of selective buyers, who are used to European quality and service.

Inflex has an outstanding collaboration with the Department for Process Techniques of the Mechanical Faculty, University of Belgrade, and with other leading experts in the area, as well as in the area of environmental protection.

 At the purchaser's request, our product can be tested and approved by the Department for Process Techniques, which is a good indicator of our high standards in respect to quality of technical documentation and the product itself.

Regarding the structure of our employees, most of the members of our staff are people with university degree. All of them are members of the Engineer Association and technicians and they possess appropriate licences issued by the Association.

In order to develop our business, Inflex certified Integrated Management System in the accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 bySIQ Ljubljana. During 2012 we plan to upgrade our Integrated Management System with demands of international standard OHSAS 18001.

In compliance with the Policy of Environmental Protection, Inflex takes care about all ecological aspects of its production processes.

In the area of environmental protection projects, Inflex possesses competence, technical equipment to realize most complex projects. Inflex has designed numerous expert studies related to different aspects of environmental impacts in prevoius period.

Inflex also has at its disposal the technology to treat and destroy organic waste, as well as to reclaim the existing landfills in compliance with Serbian and European norms.  

Our aim is to become a studying organization and that is the reason why we support the idea of permanent education, self-education etc. Our employees are obliged to update their competency several times a year at appropriate seminars and lectures in different areas of management.

Communication with foreign countries is being performed by our commercial division, where the employees speak English, Italian, Russian and Slovenian language. This facilitates a great deal of our cooperation and communication with foreign clients and future cooperators.

Inflex is socially responsible organization with broad range of activities.

CEO Stevo Smiljanić
Mechanical Engineer

INFLEX d.o.o.
• Društvo za proizvodnju, projektovanje i inženjering energetskih postrojenja i opreme
• Ustanička 25 / prizemlje
11000 Beograd
• tel./fax: 011 2438 627
• tel./fax: 011 3861 492
• tel./fax: 011 3467 320
• e-mail: office@inflex.rs

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