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  Not only do we sell equipment and services, but we also solve all the problems in operation.
Production programme

We don't just sell equipment and servces,
we activly take place in solving your problems.
Satisfaction of done work is our pleasure.
In bussines, as in life, the most important
choice is choosing the right partner.
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Production programme

Production programme

Processing and preparation of water: boilers, heat exchangers, feeding tanks, desparklers, airators, chemical preparation of water, sand filters, accumulators of hot water ...          

Pressured vessels: compressed air tanks, closed expansion vessels, membrane vessels, water pumps vessels ...  

Fluid storage: surface storage tanks for oil and oil derivatives (tanks for oil fuel, crude oil); tanks for condensation products; water tanks; ground, surface and mobile tanks for liquid oil gas; tanks for ammoniac (separators and receivers); tanks for carbon-dioxide (stable and mobile); daily tanks for different fluids (fuel oil, oil, water,...); supplementary heaters, pre-heaters, oil fuel filters, condensation products steam releasers; unit for amortization of hydraulics strikes; condensation products separators, dividers, collectors, open vessels, coolers, gas heaters, ....  

Other: separating chamber; hyperbaric chambers; separators of oil and grease; coalescent filters (separating oil from water); tools for pipes and pressured vessels drilling, cleaning boxes for gas lines, filters for liquid oil gas; isolating parts for natural and liquid oil gas, chimneys, industrial vacuum cleaners, ...

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